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Waarde vormt de kern van het merk Judor, maar dat betekent niet dat Judor bezuinigingen doet. Judor biedt krachtige, coole en gebruiksvriendelijke technologie die de belangrijkste accessoires omvat. Wij bieden de klant een uitstekend product tegen een onverslaanbare impuls-/instapprijs.

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Anji Judor Furniture Co., Ltd Ja Kina Producent af PU-stole til hjemmekontor og OEM Hjemmekontor PU stol leverandør . Vores hovedprodukter omfatter kontorstole, racerstole, meshstole, knælende stole, spilleborde, især spillestole hjemmekontorstol Fremstillet i overensstemmelse med I S O 9 0 0 1:1 4 0 0 1. Mange af vores produkter overholder EN1335/EN12520/BIFMA-standarderne. Materialet består EN1021, REACH, 7P, SHVC, CA65 test osv.

Hvorfor vælge os

  • professionel

    Grundlagt i 2010, har vi rig industriproduktionserfaring og en høj grad af professionalisme.

  • Mangfoldighed

    Vi har forskellige mekaniserede produktionslinjer og komplette produktserier for at imødekomme forskellige kunders behov.

  • kvalitet

    Vi har vores eget laboratorie- og professionelt testudstyr, og specialister overvåger hele processen fra råmaterialer til produktlevering for at kontrollere kvaliteten strengt.

  • specialfremstillet

    Vores design- og R&D-team er stærkt og kan udvikle skræddersyede produkter baseret på prøver eller tegninger leveret af kunder.

  • Tjene

    Et komplet servicesystem giver one-stop service.

  • Transport

    Tæt på Shanghai Port og Beilun Port er transport bekvemt og hurtigt.

Spillestole, kontorstole, spilleborde Udvidelse af branchens viden

In the area of ergonomic design, what are a few key features or modifications that customers should search for whilst choosing a PU leather office desk, computer desk, game desk for extended periods of use, specifically thinking about factors like lumbar aid, seat intensity, and armrest adjustments?

In the realm of ergonomic layout, clients ought not to forget numerous key features or changes whilst deciding on a leather-based chair for extended durations of use:

1. Lumbar Support: Look for a PU leather office desk, computer desk, game desk with an adjustable lumbar aid that may be customized to shape the herbal curve of your lower back. Proper lumbar assist facilitates holding appropriate posture and reduces pressure on the lower back during lengthy intervals of sitting.

2. Seat Depth Adjustment: Choose a leather chair with adjustable seat intensity so that you can modify the seat to effortlessly accommodate your leg length. Proper seat intensity guarantees that your thighs are completely supported without setting strain on the return of your knees, selling better flow and decreasing pain.

3. Armrest Adjustments: Opt for a leather chair with adjustable armrests that can be raised, reduced, or angled to guide your palms and shoulders in a relaxed function. Adjustable armrests assist prevent stress on the shoulders and neck permitting you to put your arms easily whilst typing or the usage of a mouse.

4. Seat Height Adjustment: Ensure the PU leather-based chair has a pneumatic top adjustment mechanism that lets you without problems increase or lower the seat to the right top. The ideal seat top permits your feet to rest flat on the floor along with your thighs parallel to the ground, selling better blood circulation and reducing strain on the decrease again.

5. Reclining Mechanism: Consider a leather-based chair with a reclining characteristic that permits you to tilt the backrest backward whilst preserving the right lumbar guide. Being able to recline the chair slightly can help lessen fatigue and stress at the spine throughout lengthy durations of sitting, supplying extra comfort and relaxation.

How do you ensure the ergonomic layout of your kneeling chairs, and what unique functions do you comprise to sell proper posture and luxury for customers?

Ensuring the ergonomic design of our kneeling chairs is a pinnacle priority in our product development system. We include several functions to sell proper posture and comfort for customers:

1. Angled Seat: The seat of our kneeling chairs is designed at an angle to inspire an open hip angle, which enables us to align the backbone obviously and reduce pressure at the lower returned.

2. Adjustable Height: Each chair is prepared with adjustable top settings to deal with users of different heights, ensuring that their feet can rest easily on the ground while maintaining the proper alignment in their backbone.

3. Thick Cushioning: We use excessive-density foam padding on both the seat and knee rests to offer good enough support and cushioning for prolonged sitting classes, minimizing soreness and stress points.

4. Supportive Frame: Our chairs feature a strong body construction made from durable materials to provide balance and help for customers of varying weights.

5. Breathable Fabric: The fabric used for the seat and knee rests is breathable and cushy, taking into consideration airflow to prevent overheating at some stage in extended use.

6. Lumbar Support: Some of our fashions also include built-in lumbar assist to similarly sell right spinal alignment and decrease pressure on the decrease returned.

7. Mobility: Many of our kneeling chairs are ready with wheels for clean mobility, allowing customers to transport freely even while retaining proper posture at some stage in the day.

In the area of gaming tables, what substances do you prioritize for sturdiness and aesthetics, and how do you cope with common issues such as wear and tear from common use?

In the world of gaming tables, we prioritize substances that offer stability among durability and aesthetics to ensure a super gaming revel in for our customers. Here's how we cope with commonplace concerns including wear and tear from common use:

1. . High-Quality Finishes: We apply durable finishes which include lacquer or polyurethane to our game tables to guard the wood from scratches, spills, and other sorts of damage. These finishes not only enhance the beauty of the timber but additionally offer a protective barrier in opposition to put on and tear.

2. Reinforced Joints: We pay special attention to the joints and connections of our recreation tables, reinforcing them with dowels, screws, or different hardware to ensure stability and toughness, even with repeated use.

3. Scratch-Resistant Surfaces: Many of our game tables have characteristic scratch-resistant surfaces, along with laminate or tempered glass, to face up to the rigors of gaming sports without showing symptoms of damage.

4. Padded Surfaces: For sports tables that serve a couple of functions, including eating tables or espresso tables, we can also incorporate padded surfaces or detachable inserts to guard the tabletop from scratches and dents caused by gaming add-ons or different gadgets.

Høj kvalitet garanteret med vores ekspertise

Vi har vores eget produktionsværksted og lager udstyret med komplet produktions- og kvalitetstestudstyr.

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